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Moving to Brainstorm has never been easier! With our free migration service, this process is streamlined by our expert migration administrators! We will move your website files and databases from your old web hosting account to your new Brainstorm hosting account! Once your order is activated, simply request your migration. Our migration experts will handle everything and are available 24 hours a day Monday-Friday.


Unbeatable site performance and maximized conversions.


Meticulous handling and management of all your websites.


Developer training workshops for your entire team.

Easily Move Your Website From Your Existing Hosting Provider To Brainstorm

Do you want to take advantage of our powerful hosting service but don’t know how to migrate your website? Don’t worry! Our team of technical experts will do it all for you. We even offer FREE migration services for qualifying agencies and enterprises. So contact our team and move any of your sites to our reliable hosting platform.

Single Site Migration Tools

If you are an owner of a single website and want to move it to our super-fast hosting platform, we offer free tools to migrate your website easily and quickly. Become our customer to take advantage of our professional developer tools and to deliver a grand user experience to your visitors.

If you are managing a single website, we have a well-defined approach to migrate your Drupal or WordPress website to Brainstorm. We have migration tools that make the move simple and straightforward for you. By migrating your website to our hosting platform, you not only get access to best-in-class hosting solution but you also get to take the advantage of our professional dev tools and best practice workflows.

Agency Migration Services

Want to move your multiple websites to Brainstorm? We follow a special approach to get it done quickly and efficiently. Our seamless migration services for agencies provide complete support throughout the process and beyond to alleviate your stress. All the heavy lifting is done by us and you can focus on core business tasks such as delivering better experience to your clients. Contact us now to know if you are qualified for our free migration services.

Agencies that want to migrate their multiple client sites to our platform can contact us for the same. Our team of experts will take care of the entire process for hassle-free migration. If you meet the qualifying standards, we can even do it for FREE for you!

Enterprise Migration Services

If your organization, be it education, financial or any other, want to bring all your WordPress and/or Drupal sites to our single, world-class platform, we are here to help you! We will guide you throughout the way to make the entire process easier for you.

Enterprise websites are often located on different hosting servers and use different CMS platforms. Certain infrastructure troubles and frequent downtime can have a great toll on your business and the performance of your teams. Instead of improving your core business operations, if you are spending much of your time in administrating websites, then it’s time to migrate them to our powerful hosting platform. Migrate all your WordPress and Drupal sites to Brainstorm and manage them through a single console. We offer FREE migration services to some companies and institutions. Contact us today for more information.