About Brainstorm Hosting

We specialize in the end-to-end process to get your cannabis business doing cannabis hosting commerce online.

Our passion is helping small business owners create a distinctive web presence that matches the excellence they provide their customers.

Our goal is to help business owners break from the ordinary and become extraordinary.

Our covenant with our customers is to provide excellent products and services with an ethical business culture founded on the principles of Open Source.

Brainstorm offers hosting products that utilize the world’s largest cloud hosting platforms and brings democracy to the internet by giving our customers access to the same dynamic platforms that large enterprises already enjoy. We embrace the concept of an open internet, so we not only offer Managed WordPress, but also give our customers the freedom to travel from hosting provider to hosting provider, should they choose. This includes offering a portable domain name and a Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Of course we hope the quality of the products and services we offer will make each customer a customer for life!

A Note From Brainstorm’s Founder

The seeds for my decision to create a managed web hosting company were planted two decades ago purely by happenstance!  In 2002 I left my job as a simple systems administrator at a digital education company to join what was then a small little-known domain registry company in the Silicon Desert: GoDaddy.   I was hooked immediately on the world of hosting.  I then met Matt Mullenweg, who was at the helm of an exciting Open Source project, WordPress and became an instant convert to this elegantly designed tool that allowed everyday people to construct their own websites, without needing a web developer. I served as an evangelist internally and externally to bring these two passions together.   Today, GoDaddy is the largest self-hosted WordPress company.

I eventually left GoDaddy, but my passion for providing web hosting and WordPress never faded.  Although I worked for a while as a consultant with several tech companies, I quickly realized I wanted to use what I’d learned over the years to create a company that made it possible for small- and medium-sized business owners to have access to the same tools as the big guys, without the big costs.

Why Brainstorm

After almost two decades in the hosting space, I chose to create a business that transcends technology and the bottom line to help small businesses gain access to high quality products and services.  This is what guides Brainstorm’s every action.  We are small, agile, and creative.  And will will help you grow!


Thoughtful Development

To brainstorm encapsulates everything that a small business does on a daily. The process of brainstorming epitomizes creativity, action, solutions, and ultimately success. Our company provides the tools needed to help small businesses share their vision with the world.