Elastic Hosting

Elastic Sites for Growing Businesses – More Resources, Less Hassles

Forget those traditional hosting solutions that can’t accommodate the growing needs of modern businesses. If your website is growing at a faster pace and you need more resources, turning to a shared, dedicated or even VPS hosting is not a lasting solution. Therefore, Brainstorm offers Elastic Hosting plans that offer a more reliable, secure and flexible way to host your website without going through the hassles of server management. Our elastic sites are scalable according to your business requirements. These are the shared hosting plans but with greater and more flexible resources (CPU, RAM, etc.). Moreover, it is a much better alternative to VPS, but without any additional pains of server management, application installation, configuration and hardening.

Elastic Sites for Website Owners

If your website is witnessing heavy traffic and need additional resources to accommodate the growth, you might be thinking of a VPS. However, a more scalable and powerful substitute is an Elastic site. Brainstorm Elastic hosting allows you to choose resources (CPU, RAM, connections etc.) as your computing requirements change. You can quickly scale the capacity as your business grows further in order to ensure unrivaled performance and excellent user experience. You get to enjoy all the benefits of a VPS, but in a dedicated shared environment, that is far less complicated in terms of management.

Elastic Sites for Hosting Providers

With Brainstorm Elastic Site Hosting, you can host several websites on a single shared server, without going through the frustration of management responsibilities that come with VPS options. Your websites still get all the dedicated resources as well as their isolated private space. As your sites outgrow, more resources can be allocated to them without need of upgrading to VPSs. Since your sites are on shared servers, they meet all the requirements of your customers while being easier to manage.

Elastic Hosting


One-click updates with maximum performance and no hassles of server management.


Auto-updates, fastest speed, 1-click setup and multi-cloud connectivity with a host of other features.


Scale your growing site without any downtime. Handle sudden surge of traffic without degrading its performance.


A robust and ultra-fast way to serve your users with the web pages that are visited frequently.


Automated sysadmin tasks for easy management and control. A simplified and hassle-free way to host websites.


Continuous monitoring of hosted websites to prevent downtime and solve any issue instantly if it occurs.


Our technical sales team will listen to your needs and recommend the solution to address them.

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