Brainstorm Advanced Configurations with Curated Themes And Plugins

Brainstorm architecture allows you to save precious time when creating and customizing your WordPress website. We create a custom configuration including the most popular themes and plugins that allow for all the care and feeding responsibilities including performance optimization, security, and backup and recovery.

So when you need to build a new site, you can simply use without need to setting it up all over again. This saves your time on reconfiguration and you can just focus on the customization part.



Using Brainstorm Blueprint feature, you can create a blueprint of almost every website and every web page. For example, if your agency provides web development services including “Website for Small Businesses”, “Ecommerce Website”, “Website for Large Enterprises” and more, you can simply create a standard blueprint for each category and reuse it for different clients. So you need not to shuffle through a lot of different blueprints or even do too many customizations for different types of clients.



Blueprints are an ideal way to quickly deploy multiple WordPress projects with little effort. For example, if you work for a web development agency and your clients demand turnkey website solutions, you can simply use blueprints to save on your production time. So every time you provide a new option, simply create a blueprint of that website so that it’s preconfigured with themes and plugins and save it for future reuse. Once the client finalizes a particular theme, just select the blueprint with a single click and start customizing it according to your client’s requirements.



Since blueprints cut down your time on configuration and manual set-up, you can be more creative with your website’s design and other details. This lets you focus more on your client’s specific requirements and you can perform customization accordingly. When you have got plenty of time to work according to your client’s needs, you are sure to deliver best output and make your clients satisfied.

Cloud Backup with Amazon S3

If you haven’t backed up your data offsite, you are at risk of losing your important files. Brainstorm backs up all your data in the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Cloud in order to keep your files safe. Amazon S3 Cloud service offers maximum security and reliability when it comes to storing crucial web files. Since the backup is offsite, you need not worry about losing it. In case you lose all your web files during server crash or a catastrophic event, you can simply recover them from Amazon S3 Cloud whenever you want.


Our Architecture

Brainstorm provides dynamic and precision-tuned hosting solutions through world-class architecture which is fully managed by us. Instead of traditional hosting architecture which is usually slow, clunky and less-reliable, we leverage software automation to provide hosting solutions that deliver unrivaled performance, speed and reliability. Our huge, multi-tenant platform leverages containers on top of a dedicated infrastructure which makes your website more scalable. When your website grows, the platform allots new containers to you in no time. This means nothing is too big for our massive and highly-scalable infrastructure that has been designed to handle huge data sets.