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We are a company with the sole purpose of helping small businesses bring their visions to life running on the world’s largest cloud hosting platforms. My name is Justin Jilg and I’ve been working in the hosting space since the beginning of my career over 20 years ago. I was witness to some of the most incredible advancements in the history of technology as well as some of the most bizarre success stories and amazing growth found through sheer will and determination. Back in 2002, I joined a very small & oddly named company located in a technical desert of Scottsdale Arizona. The company is GoDaddy.com – GoDaddy was auspiciously placed in a unique time in history. The domain name industry was recently deregulated and the hosting industry was being upset by a price war which began to crumble the monolithic hosting companies because they were trapped in their expensive products and were unwieldily and slow to move quickly When I started at GoDaddy – they had less than 75,000 hosting accounts and when I left, the company had risen to over 5 million. In 2005, GoDaddy placed a provocative Super bowl advertisement which through destiny rocketed the company into another stratosphere allowing it to become the most successful, fastest growing domain name registrar in the world. Around that time I was introduced to a man (kid) that I had never heard of before named Matt Mullenweg – I must admit I was extremely embarrassed when I subsequently found out that he was one of the most influential technologists ever. I was able to watch WordPress from its infancy when they had less than 10 employees to what they are now; powering over 28% of all internet traffic world wide. I became and addict and became obsessive in my desire to evangelize WordPress and to have GoDaddy adopt it has the platform that all of our hosting lived on. It was an incredible time to be at that company – we were able to engineer amazing products and invent technologies that eventually touched 10s of millions of consumers and small businesses world wide.

We are a no R-Word company


There was one thing that I proposed when I was at GoDaddy that I thought would be a great moral initiative and would separate us from all our peers – maybe even counterbalance some of the more questionable marketing decisions the company made over time.I always hoped that one day I would work at a company that actively respects the dignity of individuals who have special needs, especially those people who have Down syndrome and Autism, and they codified it by creating a strict policy to be a company that takes a stand against the use of the r-word. Unfortunately the corporate nature of the company was too big to implement this vision so I decided to do it on my own. The goal is to not try to regulate speech but rather hire and educate employees who believe the use of the r-word and other derogatory phrases that disparage individuals with special needs would not be tolerated. Brainstorm is my opportunity to make this dream a reality. We encourage individuals that share our vision to join the say no to the r-word organization and feel comfortable doing business with a company that respects all individuals regardless of their physical and mental capabilities. Everyone is welcome at Brainstorm and we will treat you and your families with respect both within our company and by doing business with likeminded the customers. We will not tolerate doing business that violates our golden rule – you can rest assured that the websites on our platform also abide by our strict policy of respect not only for those with special needs but also everyone equally.

Brainstorm Step-by-Step WordPress Tutorials for Beginners


Ideal for Beginners

Our guides and video tutorials have helped many beginners understand ins and outs of WordPress. They are very easy-to-understand. For example, our installation video provides step-to-step instructions to install WordPress without being too technical. You also get to learn how to install updates in WordPress, how to use plugins and how to enable security of your website.


The easiest and fastest way to learn WordPress

Brainstorm tutorials have been created keeping in mind the beginners. Thus, they are the easiest and the best. From the process of installing WordPress to editing content and making minor bug fixes, our tutorials and guides cover every aspect of this platform that you may come across while creating or managing a website. These tutorials will let you have full control over your website without having to hire a professional.


Updated Content

Our tutorials are regularly updated with the changing trends of technology. This means you always get to learn what’s currently trending in the industry so you can build a website according to the latest standards. With our tutorials, anyone can learn WordPress to fulfill their personal and professional goals.

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